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What is your favorite childhood memory? 

Whenever I hear the intro to "I'll Be Around" by the Spinners, I am instantly transported back to the 70's.  I'm holding my great-aunt's hand, crossing under the train tracks on a bustling Bronx street or skipping down through Harlem anticipating lunch at 'our' Burger King. I know I am loved and safe with her. I am happy.   


She taught me to read and helped foster my endless sense of curiosity. The things I learned from her shaped me and opened up more doors than most of what I learned in a classroom.  Education doesn't begin when your child enters Preschool, it starts from the womb.  As their parent/guardian, you were their first teacher and you will continue to teach them long after their academic pursuits are over.


If you are here, you are likely responsible for the education of a young child.  With 87% of brain development occurring before the age of 3, what children experience during this time will have a direct impact on how well they learn as they get older.  You may think you are not competent enough to teach your child(ren), but you are more equipped than you realize!  

 As a Certified Parent Educator: 

 I can help you tap into your inner "Child Development Specialist" to keep your child's natural thirst for knowledge & discovery alive. 

 As a Veteran Homeschooling Parent: 

 I can help you tap into your inner "Teacher" to create a child-

centered environment conducive to learning. 

 As a Pediatric Nurse: 

 I can help you tap into your inner "Child Advocate"  to follow-up on health concerns that could make learning difficult for your child & get the services they need. 

Today is the perfect time to start or update your homeschool program.  Schedule your FREE CLARITY CALL now to get the support you need.  



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"A child's success is determined by how well they were protected - not just by how well they were taught.
               ~Lorraine Tomic

Home-School Veteran,

Instructor & 

Curriculum Designer 

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