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Is a Homeschool Coach really necessary?

The purpose of a coach is to provide clarity and encouraging support. A coach knows how to harness a person's talents and produce immediate results. 

That being said, I believe every Parent Educator could use a coach - especially at the beginning of their homeschool journey. Educating your child is such a highly personal and serious commitment, that many parents fall into one of the following categories: 

   1) They are so worried about messing up, they make decisions based on those 

       fears instead of sound information; 

   2) They are too close to be objective and don't identify problems in real time; 

   3) They lack adequate support and get overwhelmed quickly causing 

       homeschooling to stall out. 

I understand that money is an important resource for most families, however so is time, and unlike money, time can't be regained!   When you are new to something or simply stuck, it's best to seek out those who have successfully accomplished your goal and learn from their experiences.  My services are  very reasonably priced and much lower when compared to the cost of unused curriculums, tools and programs. 

There's nothing wrong with asking for help! 


Learn More About My Group &  Personal Coaching Programs. 

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Which of your Programs is right for me?

AGES & STAGES WORKSHOPS  are perfect for parents/caregivers of young children needing some encouragement and inspiration.  Often, in the dizzying pace of keeping up with your child, it is hard to see the progress that you are both making.  So, grab a seat, your fave snack and learn how to help your child accomplish the hard work of growing up!  Be prepared to exhale and laugh with other parents who understand where you are,

BUILDING B.L.O.C.K.S   is for Do-It-Yourselfers who are considering / new to / struggling with homeschooling and are comfortable with learning in a group setting.  In just 6 weeks, you will turn your homeschooling vision into a tangible program that will grow with your family year after year.  From developing a Homeschool Mission Statement to Choosing a Homeschool Method to Planning your Homeschool Year, I will help you design a program in which you can be confident.  

STUMBLING B.L.O.C.K.S  is for families who prefer 1 on 1  attention or  want to focus on one specific area of concern, such as lack of motivation, lesson planning or understanding your homeschooling "why?".  There is a two-session requirement to start, however, during Session #2, you will let me know much support you would like (weekly or bi-weekly) as you work on your Action Plan. 

Whether you choose the energy of BUILDING B.L.O.C.K.S or the focus of STUBLING B.L.O.C.K.S,  your family is in good hands! 

Which grade levels do parents need to homeschool to benefit from your coaching programs? 

While I specialize in helping Parents of Preschoolers to 5th-graders, parents homeschooling ANY grade will benefit from coaching!  Regardless of the grade level you are teaching, the basic needs  for a successful homeschool program are universal: 

      - You need clarity on why you are homeschooling and what success looks like ; 

      - You must identify your strengths as an educator & your child's learning strengths;  

      - You need positive ways to discipline and motivate your child; 

      - You also  need  tidentify sources of support;   

      - Finally, you need to have a way to efficiently identify what works and

           quickly transition from those things that do not work.  

These principles are thoroughly covered in BUILDING B.L.O.C.K.S as well as the standards by which your existing homeschool program will be evaluated in STUMBLING B.L.O.C.K.S.

Is it too early to consider homeschooling if my child is under the age of 5?

Absolutely NOT! As the name 'pre-school' implies, there are many things for children to learn before kindergarten. 

For instance: 

              Cutting, gluing, tracing sharpens their fine motor skills for handwriting; 

              Sorting, classifying, building with Blocks lays down a solid foundation for math; 

              Dolls and dress-up play increases their social & emotional intelligence; while

              Group play hones their social skills.

...and this is just a small sample of what young children learn before formal education begins.

Add to that, speaking a 2nd language at home and letting them help with household errands and you have the makings of a well-rounded child!


Education, at any age, is more than just academics and facts. There is nothing wrong or unusual with wanting to be intentional about the experiences you give your child - on the contrary, it shows your desire for them to be successful.  Sign up for the workshop that addresses your child's Age & Stage to learn how to do just that. 




Here are some quick facts about my services.  If you need more information,

please feel free to MESSAGE or CALL me! 

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