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The P.E.A. stands for Parent Educators Academy and is a source of Personal Development Courses for Homeschooling Parents. 
Parent Educators wear many hats in their HomeSchools - Principal, Curriculum Specialist, Guidance Counselor, just to name a few. 
The 1-Day & 1-Week Intensives offered by The P.E.A. deepens Parents’ understanding of what is needed in each role as well as help them grow in competence and confidence as they homeschool. 

   This Summer, Parent Educators (PEs) will be walked through the Academic Planning for the upcoming school year.  Take the stress out of figuring out what to teach and how to teach it.  The theme changes every summer so don’t miss out on the '24 SUMMER P.E.A.! 

Zoom Link will be emailed to you upon registration. 

 2024 Summer P.E.A.
Starts July 29
Available spots
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What is The P.E.A.?

THEME:  “Building Resilient Youth”
Mental health for young people is on the decline.  Learn what occurrences lead to stress and anxiety in adolescents and how to offset its effects in your homeschool. 
2024 Fall P.E.A.
Starts Oct 5
Available spots
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Get & Give Advice,

Celebrate & Be Celebrated,

Support & Be Supported

by other Parent Educators on the same journey as you.

Success Stories
  • Is A Homeschool Coach Really Necessary?
    The purpose of a coach is to provide clarity and encouraging support. A coach knows how to harness a person’s strengths to produce immediate results. That being said, I believe every Parent Educator could use a coach since educating your child is such a highly personal and complex endeavor. I find many parents fall into one of the following categories: 1) They get stuck on how or what they are “supposed to” teach and eventually burn out despite their initial enthusiasm and/or motivation; 2) They are unprepared for challenges and make decisions based on fear or rely on wishful thinking; 3) They doubt their themselves and mimic how other families homeschool - overlooking their childrens’ needs in the process; or 4) They lack adequate support and become so overwhelmed that their HomeSchool stalls out. ​In today’s economy, I understand that money can be a limited resource for most families. Still, even more precious than money is time since it can not be replenished. Homeschooling requires an investment of both, so it’s best to have clarity on why and how you will do so to prevent an unrecoverable loss of either or both! Whether you participate in the Building Blocks Series or the Stumbling Blocks 1-1 Coaching Program, you will get great value for the cost - which is much lower when compared to the cost of unused curriculums, tools and courses.
  • Which Of Your Programs Is Right For Me?
    BUILDING BLOCKS is for Parent Educators who are comfortable learning in a group setting. In just 6 weeks, you can turn your homeschooling vision into a tangible program that will grow with your family each year. From creating a HomeSchool Mission Statement to Choosing a HomeSchool Method to Planning your Academic Year, you will finish Building Blocks with the blueprints for a HomeSchool program in which you can be confident! ​ STUMBLING BLOCKS is for Parent Educators who prefer 1-on-1 attention or want to focus strategically on one specific area of concern at a time - such as scheduling, choosing academic content, or working cooperatively with your child. You will start with our FREE HomeSchool Survey (found exclusively at HomeSchool Builders) to determine which areas need addressing followed by our FREE & CONFIDENTIAL Clarity Call to develop an Action Plan. From there, you decide your desired pace and level of support. With our guidance and your intentional action, you will begin to see results in as little as 12 weeks. ​Whether you choose the energy of BUILDING BLOCKS or the focus of STUMBLING BLOCKS, your HomeSchool is in good hands!
  • Which Grade Levels Do Parents Need To Homeschool To Benefit From Your Coaching Programs?
    The Components of a Successful HomeSchool are Universal, regardless of the grade or skill levels you teach: You need clarity on why you have taken on this mission; You need to identify and utilize your strengths as an Educator; You need to know what content to teach and how to deliver it; You need positive ways to discipline and motivate your child; You need a plan to keep your family productive despite “down” days and unexpected life events; Finally, you need a plan to help you efficiently identify what works and transition from those things that do not work. ​Our Building Blocks will strengthen your approach on each point in a way that serves your family.
  • Is It Too Early To Consider Homeschooling If My Child Is Under The Age Of 5?
    Absolutely NOT! Education, at any age, is more than learning facts; it’s also about self-discovery and skill building. For instance: Cutting, gluing, tracing sharpens their fine motor skills for handwriting; Sorting, classifying, building with blocks lays down a solid foundation for math; Dolls and dress-up play increases their social & emotional intelligence; while Group Play hones their social skills.…and this is just a small sample of what pre-schoolers learn before formal education begins. There is nothing wrong or unusual with wanting to be intentional about the experiences you give your young child – on the contrary, it shows your desire for them to be successful. Add to that, speaking a 2nd language at home and letting them help with household errands and you have the makings of a well-rounded child!
  • I am on a tight budget. Which of your products and services will give me the most value?
    Great question! HomeSchool Builders is a labor of love and I do not want money to prevent anyone from getting the support they need, so the following services are FREE! HomeSchool Builders Survey - This tool, only available through HomeSchool Builders, quickly and accurately identifies the areas which places your HomeSchool at risk. With this knowledge, you can start taking the steps to safeguard the future of your most precious asset - your children. Clarity Call - When you need assistance or a non-judgemental ear, schedule a Clarity Call. During our talk, you will have my undivided attention as well as access to my 20 years of HomeSchool and Family Services experience. All information shared is confidential and will not be shared with a 3rd party. Lunch, Laugh & Learn - Every month from September to May, on the fourth Thursday, you are invited to a support group just for Parent Educators! Be a part of a community who knows your triumphs and struggles first-hand. Your participation is welcomed and appreciated. See you there! Lunch, Laugh & Learn Monthly Support Group Meeting ID: 859 9685 6244 Passcode: 607885
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Still Have Questions
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