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Week One: The FOOR PLAN



Welcome to Week One of our journey, where we lay the cornerstone of our homeschooling adventure: The Floorplan. This initial phase is not just about setting the stage for academic learning, but about integrating education into the very essence of our family life. Our goal this week is to delve deep into the core of our family's identity, values, and the role you play as a parent educator. By grounding our homeschooling efforts in our family's unique culture and faith-based principles, we create an environment where learning is a natural extension of our daily lives.


Key Focus Areas:
  1. Family's Culture: Every family has its own unique culture— a blend of traditions, beliefs, and practices that define its identity. This week, we'll explore how this unique backdrop can enrich your homeschooling environment, making learning more relevant and engaging for your children.

  2. Family's Values: Our values are our compass, guiding us in how we live and learn. We'll reflect on what values are most important to your family and how these can shape your homeschooling philosophy and practices.

  3. Your Influence as a Parent Educator: As the architect of your child's educational journey, your influence is profound. We'll examine the roles you play and how you can leverage your strengths to inspire and guide your children effectively.

  4. Values and Your "Why": Understanding why you choose to homeschool is crucial. This week, we'll connect your family's values to your "why," creating a clear and purposeful vision for your homeschooling journey.


  • Values Worksheet: A comprehensive tool designed to help you articulate and prioritize your family's values, serving as a foundation for your homeschooling curriculum and activities.

  • Build-A-Child Exercise: A reflective exercise that encourages you to envision the ideal traits and values you wish to cultivate in your children. This will not only guide your educational choices but also how you integrate learning into everyday life.


  • Daily Trait Promotion: Your task this week is to consciously incorporate activities or discussions that promote the traits you've chosen in the Build-A-Child exercise. Whether it's a story that embodies courage, a task that requires perseverance, or an act of kindness, make an effort to weave these traits into the fabric of your daily life.



This week is about more than just planning; it's about introspection and intentionality. As we explore the foundational elements of your homeschool program, remember that the ultimate goal is to create an environment where education and family life enhance one another, guided by your faith and values. Let's embark on this journey with open hearts and minds, ready to build a homeschooling experience that is as unique and special as your family.

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